​​​​​Nicola Oddy



An experience of environmental vocal exploration

A guided Singwalk coming up at Fieldwork on

 Saturday August 25th.

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At Fieldwork: Brooke Valley, Ontario

 May 12 2017 and continues through to fall 2018


Singwalk was designed by Nicola to express her love of interacting with the environment through the voice. Her background as a music therapist helps her to see each musical experience as a significant musical event rather than as a passing sensory moment. She is passionate about exploring the sound of the voice in as many different environments as possible, both in the context of an acoustic exploration and as a way to deepen her experience of the space itself.  During her seven week walk on the Cornish coast in spring 2017 she sang to the caves, the waves and the structures created by humans to further this understanding.

Click here to hear a sample of her environmental improvisation

Singwalk as an installation is a guided trail. There are 8 'singpoints' on the trail and at each stop there is signage, which invites and encourages people to stop and make sound in various ways.  The stops take full advantage of the site, making use of the woods, the pond, and the field. Some examples are: 1) to sing quietly to the self while leaning on the nearby tree. 2) to sing in a full operatic voice over the pond 3) to sing facing companions 4) to sing to the sky 5) to sing with the sounds in the forest. Ideas of what to sing, and of how to release self-consciousness are included. You are encouraged to rise to the permission to sing fully. Ideas of how to experience a deeper discovery of your relationship to the environment are also included. 

During ‘Singwalk’, participants purposefully explore vocal sound in relationship with the environment in the following ways: 

Our voices in relationship with the environment: We experience our relationship to the environment through sound, by singing in and interacting vocally with the different environments offered by the site: in the woods, on the path, in the meadow and by the water.

In the environment within our selves: We open up the voice to a full sound, sing meditatively, sing to the self in the trees and interact vocally with the sounds around us. We explore these various levels of sound and the vocal textures in between. 

Our voices in relationship with others: We sing together and feel what it is to experience community from this unusual vantage point.

In addition to the self guided trail, Nicola leads guided walks when we will pay more attention on how it feels to sing in the environment with others. 

The next guided walk for is August 25 from 11:00 to 12:30. Participants are invited to experience the voice, and connect with the body, emotion and spirit through the voice in the wilderness setting. Sung material is improvised with guidance from Nicola. Elements such as whether or not the group is large or small, if the group members are regular participants or there for a one-time experience will determine the type of experience. It will always be different because the dynamics of the group will change each time. Each session lasts for approximately two hours.

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