​​​​​Nicola Oddy

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professional & internship Supervision

Nicola provides supervision for Music Therapists who hope to increase their professionalism, and ethical interaction with their clients.

Supervision is offered at in the following formats:

1) Small group at Chickadee Corner in Perth ON

​2) Observation at onsite placement and feedback, including a detailed written feedback overview.

3) In-person 1-1 session at Chickadee Corner, using verbal or music interventions, helping the therapist to understand their reaction to clients (countertransference) and other situations in their lives that affect their work.

4) Skype or phone meeting to discuss events that affect their work, as above.

Internship Supervision

Nicola has been an approved internship supervisor for the Canadian Association forMusic Therapy (CAMT), since 2002.  Since 2010, Nicola has been on faculty at Concordia University in the role of Academic Supervisor. 

She has guided dozens of music therapists through the process of internship and accreditation in private practice setting, Long Term Care and Hospital settings. She has supervised interns who have come to her from Capilano University, Mennonite University, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Windsor, Concordia University and Acadia University.  In addition, she has supervised Art therapists for both the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute and St.Paul University who were adding an element of the arts to enhance their counseling practice. 
When interns come to Nicola for an internship, the sky is the limit, because there are no limits to where the internship can take place.  Interns can choose any population or combination of populations, in a real life setting where there are several placements, as in a private practice.  Or, if the intern chooses to work in a single location that can also be arranged.  
One thing is certain.  The intern will receive excellent guidance, feedback, and careful leadership throughout the entire process, until the day that they receive their letter of acceptance from CAMT.   Nicola provides clinical supervision at every level from co-op students, to music therapy interns and colleagues, in a 1-1 or group setting.