​​​​​​​​​​​Nicola Oddy

Portraits of Music Therapy Sessions

Parkinsons patient, Thom is a person who surprises me every time I meet him. Thom is one of those whose response to music, defines the term 'Music Therapy'.

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Sing, like you don't need the money, love like you'll never get hurt, Dance like nobody's watching.  It's got to come from the heart if you want it to work

                                                                                                 ~Clark, Susanna Wallis / Leigh, Richard C.~ 

Tuning into the music spirit:  An investigation into the spirit in music therapy relationships
Clare has Alzheimer Disease. She lives in a stranger’s house, in a strangers bed.  Strangers come to her and make her do things that she would never in her whole life do, just because a stranger asked.

Music Therapist

Nicola has been a music therapist since 1985. She has worked independently in over 40 different locations in the Vancouver and Ottawa areas. She spent five years in the positions of Music Therapist and Arts Therapies Lead and Co-ordinator of Recreation and Creative Arts at the Perley and Rideau Veterans Health Centre in long term care and in convalescence. 

In her years as a music therapist, she has worked with the full gamut of populations and ages, but it has always come down to her strongest love, which is her work with the voice. Her most beloved way of working is to enable people to understand more about themselves through the messages that our voices offer us.   She leads seminars, chant sessions, and offers lectures based on this work. 

Nicola is available to lead workshops that help people to experience the voice at every level – from beginners who are shy about singing, to professionals who wish to experience personal growth through the voice.   Her workshops are completely adaptable to any group.

She also provides therapy for individuals and groups where there is an interest in spending more time reflecting on what makes them tick, or to help them work through personal issues.


Nicola has written about her work. Some selections are:

Her master's thesis -A Field of Vocal Discovery- where she discusses the world of the voice, the judgement issues that we face, and the ways that we think about our voices in relation to our selves.  

She contributed a chapter to the book entitled Voicework in Music Therapy Research and Practice, edited by Felicity Baker and Sylka Uhlig published in 2011 by Jessica Kingsley publishers. 

And she has also contributed an article to Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy This same article was published in the Canadian Journal for Music Therapy.

Oddy, N. (2001). Convergences: Possibilities for Therapeutic Intervention in a Large Scale Community Performance- A Systems Perspective. Canadian journal of music therapy. Vol. 8, No.1 Spring 2001

This is an article that was written for the proceedings of the 1999 CAMT conference held in Vancouver BC. The ideas and thoughts still resonate with Nicola's philosophy of her work.