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                 Updated on June 25, 2020               

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Very excited to say that the process has begun. I have my research group all ready to go, with the sings all lined up for the summer months. Thanks to COVID-19, everyone is sticking around and is available! The preparatory workshop has taken place and the transcriptions are already in process. Stay tuned for the photos to come. 


The Singing Field: Responses to Participation in performances of Environmental Vocal Exploration

On this page, l share the progress and news of my PhD research about the use of improvisational singing in Environmental Vocal Exploration (EVE). I am pleased to be studying under the expert guidance of Jesse Stewart, PhD,  Ellen Waterman, PhD of Carleton University, and Yana Meerzon PhDof University of Ottawa. I am now recruiting 5 performers to join me in The Singing Field - an immersive, collaborative performance piece. We will sing in various environments to understand what the act of engaging in EVE will teach us about environments, and our selves. 

If you find this idea intriguing at all and wish to know more, please contact me, nicola.oddy@carleton.ca for more information.